What is Sourced X

SourcedX is an online platform for manufacturing companies to simply and effectively create and manage their suppliers and RFQs.


Why was Sourced X created

SourcedX is created by a CEO and cofounder of a midsize aerospace machine shop with a plan to simplify the RFQ process for manufacturers and to be able to manage the process simply and efficiently.


What is Leftovermetal

Leftovermetal was where is all started. was originally created as online platform where users could create listings for their material that would typically get scraped out.
Don’t scrap IT ! Sell IT !


We are in Beta testing !

This platform will work better, and better as more manufacturing companies and suppliers join and start using the platform. We need your support and feed back to make this successful for everyone.
Please share your input – Contact Us

The Problem

Many companies tend to only work with a few suppliers when ordering their material and hardware. The reason for this is because procurement is difficult, when adding more suppliers and managing their responses/emails and knowing who submitted the best price becomes difficult and many shops don’t have the time or resources to manage more than few suppliers. Example: if you have 10 quotes and you are sending to 10 suppliers, that is 100 emails to manage.

Create your own suppliers or import from 1000’s of already collected suppliers in North America.

The Solution

At SourcedX our goal is provide a service not like any on the market today. Our team works to get you the most competitive pricing on the materials you are ordering on regular basis. We have created a platform where your shop can come to one place and get the absolute best price and lead time on the item you are sourcing.

Our goal is never to charge the end user for this service. SourcedX also does not mark up any pricing you will be receiving

The Process

  • Sign up and login.
  • Create a new RFQ.
  • Our team and system go to work to source the items you are requesting.
  • As suppliers’ response their price and lead time will populate under your RFQ in quote history.
  • You select the supplier of your choice.
  • Complete the purchase either through SourcedX or directly with the supplier.